Gaylord Golf Club

Scramble (Final Round)

Saturday, July 27th

2:00 PM


wdt_ID Team Points Score
1 Team 1 0 0
2 Team 2 0 0
3 Team 3 0 0
4 Team 4 0 0
5 Team 5 0 0
6 Team 6 0 0
7 Team 7 0 0


Tee Time 1 2 3 4
08:30 AM Gundy Justin Bagel Ivan
08:30 AM Matt Norris Fitzsimmons Miles Dereck
08:30 AM Chris Steve Shuler Wissman
08:30 AM Jordan Thomas Jon Leins Richie Kingsbury
08:30 AM Bill Nate Jordan B Juice
08:30 AM Erik Schefsky Tyler RJ
08:30 AM Will S Davy Bryan Kyle

Format Scramble
Tees White
Closest to Pin 4, 11
Long Drive 12
Rules Standard scramble rules. Golfers are paired with their actual teams.


  • A scramble means that all team members tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee or ball marker.
  • The other team members pick up their balls and place them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Each team member hits their next shot from the chosen spot.
  • This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole, including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green.


Bonus points for Pars, Birdies, Eagles, Aces, Closest to Pin and Long Drive are awarded.

Gaylord Golf Club
4893 M-32 West
Gaylord, MI