The Start of a Tradition

In early 2013 news broke that devastated a nation.  Beloved actor best known for his role as ‘Cocaine Addict’ in the movie Half Baked, Robert Lane Saget had passed away.  The sudden tragedy left people from all walks of life confused and grief stricken.  Some of the hardest hit were a small group of friends from the Midwest.  They connected with Bob and his wholesome portrayal of Danny Tanner during their youth, laughed with his witty commentary on America’s Funnies Home Videos and then matured with him via HBO’s bro-comedy Entourage.  The loss cut deep.

The group decided something needed to be done and they honored him the best way they knew how, by golfing 72 holes in one weekend.  That summer the inaugural Bob Saget Memorial was held.  A four round tribute and celebration of Bob’s life.